ESP / Polystyrene insert insulation block making machine

  • Model: QTY12-15
  • Molding cycle: 10-20seconds
  • Automatic working: Yes
  • Block type: hollow block,solid brick,paving/interlocking brick,curbs,etc
  • Capacity: 12pcs/mould for 8"block
  • Warranty: 12months
  • Model: QTY-8E
  • Block type: EPS insert insulation block,hollow block,solid brick,etc
  • Molding cycle: 10-20s
  • Power voltage: Customized
  • Block size: EPS insert block: 400x250x200mm,customized
  • Delivery time: 25-30days
  • Warranty: 1year
  • Loading container: 40HQ
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    ESP / Polystyrene insert insulation block making machine

    Products get from this machine:

    1. EPS insert insulation block, sizes and shapes are customzied.

    2. Concrete hollow block, customzied.

    3. Solid bricks,customized.

    4. Paving/interlocking brick,customzised.

    5. Curbstone,customzied.


    What is EPS insert insulation block

    The EPS composite self-insulating block can be produced by using a fixed molding machine, adding the EPS mixing ribs in place in the mold box and the conveying device. After pouring into the concrete mixture, it can be composited by vibration and pressure.



    • 1> Mechanized production, product quality is stable. Automated production line, high output and labor saving. 
    • 2> The insulation performance is good, and the thickness and density of the EPS board or the variety can be adjusted to meet the insulation requirements of different regions, different energy-saving stages, and different body-shaped coefficient buildings. The equivalent thermal conductivity of EPS composite self-insulating blocks can be less than 0.15W/(m.K), which is difficult to achieve with single material blocks. This will reduce the wall thickness, reduce the building's own weight, and increase the building's area of use.
    • 3> Convenient construction and reduced cost. The construction method is basically the same as that of ordinary building blocks.
    • 4> Can be used for serial development. Different aggregates such as cinder, slag, fly ash, gravel, gravel, stone chip, medium sand, etc. can be used to produce EPS of different grades in line with self-insulating blocks, which can save land resources, waste, and protect the environment. . It is also possible to produce wind and self-insulating blocks with decorative surfaces.


    The composite self-insulating block is aimed at the development of the current new wall material industry. The high-performance concrete hollow block is used as the shell, and the cavity is filled with lightweight thermal insulation materials such as foam concrete or EPS board. The block building and the insulating material are integrally formed by injection molding, and the concrete block integrating the building envelope and the heat preservation function has excellent comprehensive performances such as light weight, high strength, heat insulation, sound absorption and sound insulation, simple construction and low cost.

    After the block is cured, the EPS board is integrated with the concrete block and the surface layer, and the structure is firm, which can realize the heat preservation and load-bearing as one, and the same life as the building.


    How to produce such EPS insert insulation block

    The complete production line is fully automatic. 

    Please contact us for more details.


    Phone no.: +8615265911853


    EPS insert block machine.

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